1 van de iconen in de windsurfwereld is overleden op 83-jarige leeftijd. Jim Drake was mede-uitvinder van het concept windsurfen in 1962. De afgelopen jaren was hij nog steeds betrokken als inspirator voor het merk Starboard en zij hebben vandaag dan ook het nieuws over zijn dood uitgebracht.
Jim drake Rip

In memory of Jim Drake

“Jim Drake changed lives of millions of people and will continue to do so.

Windsurfing has made people experience the wind, waves and water in new ways.
The sport has made converts travel and even settle on the opposite side of our planet.

His spirit was always to include everyone and especially women and kids into windsurfing.
Jim and his wife Sam spent years with us in Thailand developing designs and strategies to increase the popularity of windsurfing. He was always optimistic and especially happy to challenge the status quo. His view on “one design” versus free choice of windsurfing gear for the Olympics was well known. His designs, like the Formula 175, the worlds most winning race board ever took competitive windsurfing to a new level.

Jim was an early adaptor of paddle boarding and he has helped design a number of winning designs like the K15.
Some of his later designs are still in testing and his ideas on the future of paddle boarding designs may soon be shared.

He had so much more to give and reminded us on how precious each hour of life is.

Svein Rasmussen and the Starboard family.


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