Naast informatieve/interessante/file-tweets van mijn following-tweeps, volg ik ook met veel interesse de bijna dagelijkse tweets van @SURFINGRulebook.

Deze account is een humorprojectje van het golfsurf magazine en geeft geregeld super (golf)surf-wijsheden.

Misschien moet ik deze winter eens een mooi posterdesign bij elkaar bedenken om deze top25 in mijn surfgarage op te hangen? 😉

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top25 tweets surfing rulebook

Rule No. 700: The TV weatherman doesn’t surf.

RULE NO. 300: The temperature of the water — not the season — determines whether you trunk it or not.

Rule No. 381: While trying to speed home from work to surf before the sun sets, you will hit traffic.

Rule No. 526: No matter how heavy, crowded or freezing cold, somebody out there still thinks you’re a pussy.

Rule No. 1,005: If you find yourself “scheduling” surf sessions, your priorities are officially out of order.

Rule No. 89: If they’ve already suited up, don’t tell them it sucks.

RULE NO. 101: The waves are automatically 36 percent better when your bro’s missing the session.

Rule No. 465: Never tell anyone you’re waking up early.

Rule No. 386: Never trust a surfer who doesn’t surf alone sometimes.

Rule No. 424 Make a new friends: Wear a watch on the water.

Rule No. 429: It’s OK to sleep in your clothes if it helps you wake up for the dawn patrol.

Rule No. 452: Don’t pretend you know a lot about design by giving your new board that long, studied look from nose to tail.

Rule No. 498: It’s tempting, but just because you work with someone doesn’t mean you should surf with him.

Rule No. 535: Never get out of the water before the guy with the car keys.

RULE NO. 537: If you stretch before you surf, there’s a good chance you’ll miss the set of the day by 4 seconds.

Rule No. 630: You surf 20% harder at a topless beach in France.

Rule No. 689: Building a board rack in your living room establishes that you are very single.

Rule No. 789: Unless you’re seriously injured it is not OK to ask for help with your wetsuit.

Rule No. 820: It’s easier to reboot than it is to deboot.

Rule No. 985: A minimum of one surf trip is required to ensure summer sanity.


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12 jaren geleden

zalige twitteraccount, al lange tijd volger!
ivm de Poster; ik wil minstens 1 exemplaar.