virus-warning: Your Online Flight Ticket N 39240

Ze worden steeds origineler die virusmailtjes. Vandaag kreeg ik er een paar in mijn bus, waar het over bestelde vliegtuigtickets ging. Best goed in elkaar gezet (en ookw eer voorbij de telenet antivirus-scanner geraakt) en ik wil niet weten wat er in het zip-attachment zit. Opletten dus!

Good afternoon,
Thank you for using our new service “Buy flight ticket Online” on our website.
Your account has been created:

Your login: (mijn mailadres)
Your password: passUS2F

Your credit card has been charged for $611.49.
We would like to remind you that whenever you order tickets on our website you get a discount of 10%! Attached to this message is the purchase Invoice and the airplane ticket. To use your ticket, simply print it on a color printed, and you are set to take off for the journey!

Kind regards,
Virgin America

Zbot banking malware has targeted multiple banking institutions, using a variety of techniques including:
* screen capture
* sniffing network traffic (hooking WS2_32.DLL and WSOCK32.DLL functions)
* keylogging
* clipboard
* redirecting traffic (may modify HOSTS file in addition to hooking network functions)

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