SEO-tool Serpitude en interview met Sean Malseed

Midden februari zag ik (alweer op mijn favoriet social medium) een tweet van een internationale SEO’er voorbijkomen, die een ruwe alpha versie van een nieuwe SEO tool had. Er kwam weinig reactie op zijn vraag voor testers, maar ik wilde direct wel eens kijken of ik hem kon helpen.

Wat volgde de dagen erna was het direct vinden van enkele bugs in zijn Serpitude tool, waarbij ik hem enkele bugreports bezorgde met wat er diende aangepast te worden (als in: er bestaat nog een andere taal voor Google dan Engels ;-)).

Lancering Serpitude SEO Tool

De afgelopen dagen heeft Sean (@seanmalseed) nu de eerste stabiele versie van zijn Serpitude SEO tool online geplaatst. Met deze desktoptool kan je eenvoudig gaan kijken hoe een bepaalde website in de Google zoekresultaten wordt getoond.

Ikzelf gebruik de tool dan ook al enkele weken om voor mijn vele SEO-trainingen voorbeelden van rich snippets te vinden (en vooral te kijken hoe snel rich snippets beschikbaar worden).

Interview met Sean Malseed

Daar Sean naast developer ook vooral iemand is, die iets over SEO te vertellen heeft, heb ik een mail interview afgenomen, dat ik hieronder in zijn ruwe vorm plaats.

Q: Sean, what’s your background? Doing SEO since?

I’ve been doing SEO and SEM professionally since 2010, and I’ve been doing development and web stuff since I was a teenager 🙂 I was the Director of Strategic Development at SEMrush for a few years, and I’ve also put a little time in at a large agency. Currently I run CircleRank, and I work with a small team in Philadelphia and some really cool clients.

sean malseed interview

Q: What’s for you the ultimate technical/non-technical skill an SEO these days needs to have?

I believe that the ultimate skill an SEO needs is at least a small understanding of code and how things on the web work. I’ve heard a lot of experienced people tell me that they don’t know code, tried to learn and failed, etc.

I really want to help people discover that if they’re passionate about SEO, then they probably already have a lot of technical skills. Just try, and see what you can create. That’s why I released SERPitude for free along with other free tools at Many are completely open source, and it’s a great feeling when someone tells me they’ve built a new tool or helped a client using those examples.

Q: Sean, I’ll make you happy, by saying that already just a ranktank example to create a small web tracking application at our agency. 😉 What are your favorite SEO tools?

My go-to daily tool is SEMrush, and not just because I used to work there. The position tracker is fantastic, great keyword research, and the site audit tool keeps getting better. I also depend on Majestic‘s awesome backlink database, Screaming Frog, Buzzstream, and some Moz.

Q: Can you give some usecases for Serpitude?

I created the tool originally to check rich snippets for my client, so we could watch how fast Google indexed different types of schema on different sections of their huge site and do daily exports to track it.

I have also found more uses as I worked with other clients:

  • Quickly find aging competitor content, so you can beat it with new content:
    -> Domain and Query inurl:/blog/ then sort by date.
  • Search your brand to find unlinked mentions. You can click on any SERP preview to open the ranked page in a new window.
  • Export all the descriptions to figure out when Google ignores your declared description, and auto generates one themselves (thanks Bill Sebald for this idea!).
  • Check what type of results your target keywords return. A lot of videos? How old? News? Export the data and analyze it in Excel to help build content strategy.
  • Find people who reviewed your product a long time ago, and get them to do new reviews:
    -> Query “your brand” intitle:review and then sort by date.
  • If you’re ecommerce, see which products are popular in your category and have the most reviews and best ratings:
    -> Domain and Query your product then look at number of reviews and star rating.
  • If you come up with any cool use cases, let me know!

Q: How about the risk for getting an IP-block (with captcha windows) from Google?

As with any tool that doesn’t use proxies, there is some risk – but it’s pretty small. The app gets Google SERPs naturally using a built-in WebKit browser, so it’s not crawling Google’s pages. It works just the same as if you searched Google using Safari or Chrome. That said, you can trigger captchas even from naturally searching in a browser if you do too many queries and use search operators. SERPitude does have a feature to open a captcha if it occurs and let the user enter it.

sepitude captcha

Q: What are your future plans with Serpitude? Keeping it a freeware tool or also bringing a premium version?

I want to keep it free forever. I don’t want to be a software company, because I really like working for clients. I want to show potential clients what can be accomplished when you combine a little creativity with technical experience. I also hope to inspire other SEOs to learn more about technical SEO and web technologies, through SERPitude and other free tools on RankTank.

Voor mij alvast een nieuwe extra SEO-tool voor in mijn Online Search marketeer gereedschapskist. Wat Sean vooral mooi aangeeft is dat er zoveel data beschikbaar is en dat het bouwen van eigen SEO-tools/dashboards je een grote stap verder kan brengen. De beste tip dus voor iedereen, die iets met SEO wilt gaan doen, is om toch eens wat codingskills te gaan leren!

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RT @Dailybits: Interview met US SEO-guy @seanmalseed over zijn SEO-tool Serpitude, elementaire SEO-skills en zijn Ranktank tools http://t.c…

5 jaren geleden

Interview met US SEO-guy @seanmalseed over zijn SEO-tool Serpitude, elementaire SEO-skills en zijn Ranktank tools

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I got interviewed about SERPitude by Herman Maes on his awesome Dutch tech site @Dailybits 😀

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Nieuwe SEO-tool Serpitude met interview met @seanmalseed over o.a. elementaire SEO-skills.

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RT @Dailybits: Nieuwe SEO-tool Serpitude met interview met @seanmalseed over o.a. elementaire SEO-skills. http://t.c…